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Sir Edward was an adventurer & an explorer.
From South America to India, Sir Edward sought new worlds, unknown species of animals, exotic flora, forgotten kingdoms & undiscovered cultures. Captured by the marvels that this planet has to offer, he wanted to show its treasures to the world & share its incredible beauty.

Although about every part of this planet has since been discovered, people nowadays seem to become more & more eager to explore the world again. Now that everything we could want is a mouse click away, we start to notice that the true wealth can be found in the great diversity of the natural world & old cultures.

Like the explorers of the past, we want to bring some of the world’s most mesmerizing places to your homes & hearts.

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Sir Edward was founded in 2020 by Claire & Hans-Erik. They were fascinated by antique wall paintings & mural that can be found in old castles, colonial mansions & canal houses. The single continuous image offers a life-size luxurious art piece without being too intrusive. Sir Edward wants to bring back this type of art.

By combining botanical drawings from the 17th-19th century with old paintings, Sir Edward creates imaginary worlds that are an addition to any home. Always non-repetitive and with the main purpose of creating an luxurious and sereen atmosphere.

In 2021 they used this serene atmosphere to create a kid’s collection, called Kikki Belle. The realistic nature designs enable children to fully immerse into magical worlds on their walls. Recently they launched a new collection called Oliver Robins, with nursery designs for playfull little ones.

Claire is an adventurous traveler & underwater photographer with a creative mind. Hans-Erik is an industrial product designer with a specialization in men’s jewelry. In Sir Edward they found a perfect synergy for their creative talents.